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Soul Calls Four ~ This Precious Moment

Soul Calls Four  ~  This Precious Moment

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1. Om Tat Sat


Gurudeva Paramahansa Yoganandaji in the book “Cosmic Chants” (publisher, Self-Realization Fellowship, Los Angeles, CA) writes “Sound or vibration is the most powerful force in the universe. Music is a divine art, to be used not only for pleasure but as a path to God-realization. Vibrations resulting from devotional singing lead to attunement with the Cosmic Vibration or the Word. ‘In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God. – John 1:1.’’

        Om Tat Sat are ancient Sanskrit words representing God within and beyond creation. The soulful intonation of these words sets up a resonant vibration with the Omnipresent Divine Consciousness and It’s reflected image: the Soul.

Honoring the presence of God within and beyond creation through continued concentrated attunement with the vibration of Om Tat Sat brings the peace and eventual understanding of the Soul.


Om Hari Om, Hari Om, Tat Sat
Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti Om

2. Ensconced


The devotee now recognizes that the Soul is the real Self; ever securely fixed in the love of God, and that God is ever securely fixed in the blissful Soul – untouched by outer circumstances or perceptions.

        An ensuing degree of detachment to the Mayic dream gives the devotee an expanded consciousness of Truth, a greater attunement to the constant (albeit sometimes hidden) presence of God, a deeper devotion, and the peace of a more steady love.

As the ocean is within each wave, so this steady love, secure and untouched by outer circumstances and perceptions of the world, is evidenced throughout time and joyously accessible in each precious moment.


When you seem so far away, Lord, what can I do?
I can only sigh and say, “My Lord, I love You.”

Whether You seem near or far, for me it’s true
You are my shining star. My Lord, I love You.

When darkness comes my Lord, and Maya reigns
My heart will sing unchanged “My Lord, I love You.”

Now the days are hastening and our love is true
Each moment is a precious thing, my Lord, I love You.

When duty calls, my Lord, and a role I must play
My heart yet whispers night and day
“My Lord, I love You.”

When creation’s play is through and the dance is done
Then as now we’ll be as One; my Lord, I love You.

So come, let’s sing and dance and play
With a joy that’s ever new
Then my every breath and heartbeat will say
“My Lord, I love You.”

3. Sweet Surrender


From the security of ensconcement a relaxed heart appreciates the sweetness of surrender. In this time of the Divine Romance (before Union) the devotee has the unique opportunity to love God before becoming the love of God – to demonstrate the fidelity of the heart; to give God the one thing that cannot be taken or possessed unless and until we choose to give it — our love.

Through surrender, each moment becomes an opportunity to prove, trust, and exercise our choice to love God above all, in all.


This time of waiting is so sweet
This time when I can give my love to You.

This time, this time is mine to give
This time, the love I give is mine.
This time, this time, of sweet surrender.

This time of loving is so dear
This time when I can give my love to You.

This time, whether it’s light or dark,
This time, I choose to give You my heart.
This time, this time, of sweet surrender.

This time of trusting is so clear
This time when I can prove my love for You.

This time whatever comes or goes,
This time my love for You just grows.
This time, this time, of sweet surrender.

This time of deeply loving You
This time, this time, when nothing else will do.

This time, this time I’ll wait for You.
This time I only want to think of You.
This time, this time, of sweet surrender.

4. Divine Duet


When God seems to be hidden from the devotee’s view, is it not the case that it is the devotee who has looked away? Then both God and the devotee sing the same song; a divine duet – “don’t leave me; stay by my side; come let’s dance….”

The divine lovers call to each other affirming their constant belonging and longing to stay always present, together through all, in all. When the Soul calls to the Divine Beloved it is a reflection of the Divine Beloved calling the Soul; the divine duet – “…come, let us forever dance together in sweet embrace.”


Don’t go away, don’t fly, don’t leave me now
Now that I know, know You are mine
Take me within, within, I need You now,
Now that I know, I love You so; now that You’re mine.

Don’t go. Don’t leave my mind.
Stay, take me inside, now that You’re mine.

Don’t be afraid, hold fast, I’m with you, child.
Now don’t you know? I love you so.
Don’t be afraid, don’t cry, I’m with you now.
Now that I’m here, there’s nothing to fear;
Know that you’re Mine.

Don’t cry. Don’t leave My Mind.
I am here, here by your side; know that you’re Mine.

You are My love, My own, My all in all.
Never apart, right from the start.
‘Tis but a dream, a dream; ‘tis nothing real.
Only a play; never away; always Mine.

Don’t think, don’t think I’m far away.
I’m here, thinking of you; dreaming this play.

Come hold Me close, let’s dance in sweet embrace.
You’ll look at Me; I’ll look at you.
In stillness song, in Nature’s show, in every face
Dance with Me now, throughout all time;
Forever Mine.

Don’t hide. Don’t leave my mind.
Stay, here by my side, forever mine.
Don’t go, now that You’re mine.

5. Playmates


As seen from the eyes of ensconcement, the devotee beholds the divine play in which God is ever near. As children playing hide and seek, night and day, throughout life’s changing circumstances, God and the devotee are never apart.


Thou and I are never apart.

You hide; I seek; You hide; I seek
We play this way, each night and day
But Thou and I are never apart

Now up, now down; now lost, now found,
And round and round, but Thou and I are never apart.

We dance, we sing, in harmony
And now I see You’re here with me
And Thou and I are never apart.
Oh, Thou and I are never apart.

6. Dancing With You


Gurudeva, Paramahansa Yoganandaji tells us that if we choose to be happy no one can make us unhappy and if we choose to be unhappy, no one can make us happy.

In this Soul Call, the devotee affirms the happiness of choosing right now, in this moment, to be happy; to dance with the Divine Beloved free from attachment, worry, fear, and all of the binding delusions of the ego.

The moment we choose to place ourselves in the arms of the Divine, in that moment we can know the freedom and happiness of full faith and surrender.


I am happy, I am free; I am dancing with Thee!

Ever free, ever free, when I’m dancing with Thee!

In this moment it is true, I am dancing with You!

7. This Precious Moment


17th century Christian saint Brother Lawrence (in the book Practicing the Presence of God) wrote “Believe me, count as lost each day you have not used in loving God.”

         The devotee rejoices in the awareness that each moment is a precious opportunity to give and receive the love of God.

Deeply affirming the choice and the ability to take this moment to love God, the devotee finds once again that the love felt for the Divine Beloved is a reflection of God’s Love ever resident in the Soul and felt through the agency of deep devotion; the Soul loving God; God loving the Soul, in each precious moment, activated by the devotee’s unfolding realization.


This precious moment,
This precious moment is just for You.

This precious moment
For me to love You

This precious moment.
How sweet the thought
How sweet the love
How sweet You are
In this precious moment.


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