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Soul Calls Eight  ~  Oh My Own

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2. You Are


Declaring fidelity and dedication to living in the Divine Presence, the devotee becomes immersed in the feeling of that Holy Presence and experiences the Divine as the only Reality; the only desired state of consciousness.

Sri Daya Mataji has written: “First comes Faith in God…it is developed by making God the polestar of your life….Pray: …My God, You are.”


You Are … You Are
You Are … You Are

You are the world I want to live in
You are the face I want to see
You are the thought I want to fill me
You are the Love I want to be

You Are … You Are
You Are … You Are

You are my Own, my Own Beloved
Throughout life’s dance, I’ll dance with You
And with Your arms of bliss around me
I’ll be with You eternally

You Are … You Are
You Are … You Are

Oh! I can hear the angels singing!
They’re singing Om, Amin, Amen, and Hallelu!
And my heart is bursting
With loving thoughts of You

You Are … You Are
You Are … You Are
You Are … You Are

Om, Om
Amin, Amin
Amen, Amen
Halleluja Hallelu!
Halleluja Hallelu!

Om Halleluja Hallelu!
You Are! You Are! You Are!

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