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Soul Calls Two  ~  In Thy Light

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1. Thy Light In Me


The devotee goes through many stages on the spiritual path; some difficult and some blissful. There comes a time of immense feelings of separation and tears of longing. The devotee also passes through the dark night of the soul where the heart is dry and devoid of feeling; God seems nowhere near and life seems to have no meaning.

Long asleep in delusion, the devotee keenly feels the desire to be awake in Truth and bathed in Divine Light where darkness cannot dwell.


Mother, Mother, Mother, Oh Mother

Mother help me see Thy glorious Light,
Take the tears and take the night.
Mother, I want to see
Mother, Thy Light in me.

Mother bathe me in Thy glorious Light,
Thy Light illumines all and makes it right.
Mother, I want to be
Mother, awake in Thee.

Mother, Mother, Mother, Oh Mother

In Thy Light all Truth, all Love does shine,
In Thy Light I know, I’m safe, I’m Thine.
Mother, come help me see
Mother, Thy Perfect Light in me.

Mother, Mother, Mother, Oh Mother

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