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Soul Calls One  ~  Journey Within

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3. Silent Beloved


The records of all great religions and the testimony of their saints and sages tell of God speaking directly with them. The soul becomes desirous of this God-contact and asks for help that the walls of ego encasement and the gulfs of the habits of God-forgetfulness be dissolved.

The devotee affirms that with all sincerity and without end, the desire for contact with the Divine Beloved ~ God ~ will be the constant soul call.


Let every wall fall, let every gulf dry
Oh, my Silent Beloved, speak to me

From the depths of my soul
From the core of my being
I will whisper unceasingly, speak to me

I need You to speak to me, Lord
I’m calling You now, I’m loving You now

I need You to come now, Lord
There’s no other one now, Lord

Come tell me You love me, speak to me
Come tell me I’m never alone
Come tell me that I am Your own
Oh, my Silent Beloved, speak to me

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