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Soul Calls Four  ~  This Precious Moment

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7. This Precious Moment


17th century Christian saint Brother Lawrence (in the book Practicing the Presence of God) wrote “Believe me, count as lost each day you have not used in loving God.”

The devotee rejoices in the awareness that each moment is a precious opportunity to give and receive the love of God.

Deeply affirming the choice and the ability to take this moment to love God, the devotee finds once again that the love felt for the Divine Beloved is a reflection of God’s Love ever resident in the Soul and felt through the agency of deep devotion; the Soul loving God; God loving the Soul, in each precious moment, activated by the devotee’s unfolding realization.


This precious moment, This precious moment is just for You.

This precious moment For me to love You

This precious moment. How sweet the thought How sweet the love How sweet You are In this precious moment.

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