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Soul Calls Three  ~  Divine Beloved

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6. Gurudeva


No comparison, no words can describe the blessing of a true Guru. He who knows, knows; none else knows. The ancient scriptures of India aver that the three greatest blessings are a human body, a desire to know God, and a true, God-realized Guru.

Consumed in the vibration of Divine Blessings, unspeakable love and gratitude find expression at the feet of the devotee’s own Gurudeva.


My heart is full;
I am at Thy feet, I am at Thy feet,
Gurudeva, Gurudeva

Om Gurudeva, My Gurudeva, Sri Gurudeva, My Gurudeva,
Om Gurudeva, Sri Gurudeva, Om Gurudeva, Jai Gurudeva,
Om Gurudeva,
Om, Om, Om…

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