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Soul Calls Five  ~  That Place

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4. Going Within


Diving deep into that unique communion known only to the devotee and the Divine Beloved, the devotee affirms a determination to cast aside distractions, and by meditative efforts to follow the Light within to reach that place of stillness, love, and ecstasy.


I’m going to a Place where only You and I can go.
I’m going to a Love that only You and I can Know.

I’m going to That Place within,
I’m going to That Place within;
That Place Divine, That Place sublime.
That Place Divine, That Place sublime.

The future past and now; I’m leaving all behind.
The worries, cares, and woes, the very busy mind.

In peace of quietude, the boisterous breath subdued
With Master’s gifts Divine I’ll sail the astral spine.

Oh, star divine aloft, it calls, it beckons me.
Through golden ring of Light and luminescent sea.

With stillness as my stead, That Place approaches near.
My Love awaits me there, my own true Love so dear.

Oh, Love Divine, You’re mine! Oh, Joy! Joy filling me!
Oh, Blissful dance of Love! Oh, blessed ecstasy!

I’m going to That Place within.

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