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Soul Calls Four  ~  This Precious Moment

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2. Ensconced


The devotee now recognizes that the Soul is the real Self; ever securely fixed in the love of God, and that God is ever securely fixed in the blissful Soul – untouched by outer circumstances or perceptions.

An ensuing degree of detachment to the Mayic dream gives the devotee an expanded consciousness of Truth, a greater attunement to the constant (albeit sometimes hidden) presence of God, a deeper devotion, and the peace of a more steady love.

As the ocean is within each wave, so this steady love, secure and untouched by outer circumstances and perceptions of the world, is evidenced throughout time and joyously accessible in each precious moment.


When you seem so far away, Lord, what can I do?
I can only sigh and say, “My Lord, I love You.”

Whether You seem near or far, for me it’s true
You are my shining star. My Lord, I love You.

When darkness comes my Lord, and Maya reigns
My heart will sing unchanged “My Lord, I love You.”

Now the days are hastening and our love is true
Each moment is a precious thing, my Lord, I love You.

When duty calls, my Lord, and a role I must play
My heart yet whispers night and day
“My Lord, I love You.”

When creation’s play is through and the dance is done
Then as now we’ll be as One; my Lord, I love You.

So come, let’s sing and dance and play
With a joy that’s ever new
Then my every breath and heartbeat will say
“My Lord, I love You.”

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