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Soul Calls Four  ~  This Precious Moment

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4. Divine Duet


When God seems to be hidden from the devotee’s view, is it not the case that it is the devotee who has looked away? Then both God and the devotee sing the same song; a divine duet – “don’t leave me; stay by my side; come let’s dance….”

The divine lovers call to each other affirming their constant belonging and longing to stay always present, together through all, in all. When the Soul calls to the Divine Beloved it is a reflection of the Divine Beloved calling the Soul; the divine duet – “…come, let us forever dance together in sweet embrace.”


Don’t go away, don’t fly, don’t leave me now
Now that I know, know You are mine
Take me within, within, I need You now,
Now that I know, I love You so; now that You’re mine.

Don’t go. Don’t leave my mind.
Stay, take me inside, now that You’re mine.

Don’t be afraid, hold fast, I’m with you, child.
Now don’t you know? I love you so.
Don’t be afraid, don’t cry, I’m with you now.
Now that I’m here, there’s nothing to fear;
Know that you’re Mine.

Don’t cry. Don’t leave My Mind.
I am here, here by your side; know that you’re Mine.

You are My love, My own, My all in all.
Never apart, right from the start.
‘Tis but a dream, a dream; ‘tis nothing real.
Only a play; never away; always Mine.

Don’t think, don’t think I’m far away.
I’m here, thinking of you; dreaming this play.

Come hold Me close, let’s dance in sweet embrace.
You’ll look at Me; I’ll look at you.
In stillness song, in Nature’s show, in every face
Dance with Me now, throughout all time;
Forever Mine.

Don’t hide. Don’t leave my mind.
Stay, here by my side, forever mine.
Don’t go, now that You’re mine.

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