Music Meditations
….to inspire a deeper communion with the Divine


The following reviews were the first to be received upon original release of the Soul Calls in 2004.
Since then reviews too numerous to add here have been received; all reflecting and confirming
the same efficacious experience of inspiring a closer communion with the Divine.

Life’s ultimate destination has many roads leading
but a precious few are more straight and narrow.
These are charted by the enlightened ones
of the world’s great religions.

And while they may be the most direct,
they are invariably the most demanding,
the most intensive.

Much oft-needed solace on the journey
brings encouragement, compassion, tenderness, and love;
requisites to a sustainable course.

The celestial refrains of Saranya’s Soul Calls
provide that alible comfort
for those on their journey Home.

Her cosmic appeals
are as nurturing to the soul
as fresh dates and wild honey
to the weary traveler in cool of evening
in a jasmine-scented caravanserai garden.

The greatest beauty is in the heart;
the greatest love is in the soul.
Saranya’s appeals to the Mother of us all
opens the gates to both.

~ el Rasool el Saghir


“The Soul Calls of Saranya are a solace to the devotee-child of God. As one listens to them, they do grow on one — they become an inspiration. They become an inspiration to deepen one’s sadhana, to deepen one’s effort to make the message of the Calls a part of one’s life. They offer an understanding of how the Divine Beloved responds in the devotee-child of God.”

~ S. S. Nanda (Kolkata)


“Five Stars out of Five! The SOUL CALLS live up to their name. They speak to my spirit; remind me of my True Nature; bring me to a place of centered calmness; and give poetry and melody to my Practice of the Presence. I am grateful for these expressions of Divine Remembrance that echo in my mind throughout the day.”

~ Linda Vee Huston (School Teacher)


“Saranya’s soul songs come alive in the heart. The beautifully wrapped musical settings entice the listener to go deeper into the sacred grooves. Listen with deep devotion and feel Spirit calling! Play these songs again and again and the power of the world recedes. Feel the Light spreading in all directions. Thank you, Saranya, for creating and sharing such lovely art!”

~ Pat Ryan (Musician)


“This music is so soothing and inspiring and beautiful. I listen to it almost daily. It is my remedy for the fast pace, multi-tasking, pressure-filled world I live in. It immediately re-centers me and takes me to that place my soul craves.”

~ Lisa Hudson (Hospital Consultant)


“I recommend this CD for healing the wounded inner child self, for reprogramming this self with Love Divine so that the innate original DIVINE SELF MAY SHINE FORTH!”

~ Cynthia Rose Young Schlosser (Artist)


“This music really moves me. Saranya really was plugged into Divine Mother’s Love when she created this wonderful collection of songs.”

~ Geri Sullivan (Author)


“Divine Mother surely picked a beautiful channel for expression in Saranya because her deep, loving voice and sweet nuances are perfect for these songs — she makes them like rainbow bubbles floating in an astral mist! The way she so delicately sings is like watching someone blow fragile glass figurines: the slightest jolt and the whole latticework would fall. But there never is the slightest jolt. Listening is a unique experience of divine longing.”

~ Catherine Saltzman, N.D. (EFT Practitioner, Author)


“I absolutely love this CD. The music is soothing, healing and peaceful. It awakens in me inspiration and most of all healing on a deep level. What a wonderful gift to myself and everybody. Thanks.”

~ Jutta Hecht (Yoga Instructor)


“How blessed we are to have these Soul Calls. The experience is personal and transforming. When you continue to hear the divinely charged melodies and phrases throughout the day inside, you know there is something special here. I am still “Dancing with You” when my mind finds that quiet place in meditation or activity. These Soul Calls will touch millions through the ages and make our world a better place, one Soul Call at a time.”

~ Marilyn Guidroz (Garden Designer)


“Divine Mother has found a means of stirring our souls. Words of pure devotional truths are transported by deeply touching music, guiding us home.”

~ Peter Foller (Doctor)


“This music feels as though it was Divinely guided. It brings peace to my soul in ways that are difficult to explain in words. My entire being fills with joy and it brings tears to my eyes; speaking to my soul in a long forgotten language that my mind cannot understand. A true journey within!”

~ Joni Nichols (Nurse)


“I cannot go a day without listening to my Soul Calls CD…when I need to wake up for work, the first thing I do is get myself ready for the day with this CD; it will do wonders for you in a way that’s simple yet powerful…a welcome addition to anyone’s spiritual journey or self healing since you can feel the presence of Spirit on each song. A wonderful treat for anyone’s soul.”

~ Bette Ober (TV Producer)


“It was heaven … the choice of instrumental accompaniment was just so right and so in tune with each set of words that it took you away higher and higher. I could listen to it always and never feel bored with it.”

~ Bonnie Uppal (Fashion Designer)


“Deeply inspiring, moving, and heart quenching. This CD takes you to a place that frees the heart and expresses the soul and relinquishes the ego’s grip. At last my personal soul call was expressed too! My whole family loves it!”

~ Laurie De Santis-Staschik


“I was completely enraptured from the first few seconds of listening…. This CD soothes and inspires me and echoes how I feel toward God and Guru. The instruments and vocals send me to a higher consciousness level. I am brought to tears every single time I listen to it. The exquisite instruments, vocals, and lyrics strongly effect my soul and bring me to tears of joy, love, and gratitude. I find myself singing these songs spontaneously and they bring such a feeling of inner happiness and peace. Saranya has obviously tapped into a higher creative source as she continues to put these beautiful astral melodies on CD to uplift us. How sacred, how devotional, how full of love for God. The soul is swept to a higher plane just listening to these songs. Thank you …for this divine offering and precious gift to the world.”

~ Carolyn Matthews


“The music and lyrics of the ‘Divine Beloved’ will transport you to a higher state of consciousness. They are so beautiful that you will feel that they came to us from the astral or causal world. Throughout the day and in your meditations you will happily find the Divine Beloved “playing” in your mind and heart.”

~ Leon Nibur


“From the moment the first sound is heard, all else disappears and the music draws the listener into the surrender of love and into the welcoming arms of the Divine Presence. This Precious Moment is inspired music as it weaves its silken strands around the soul. The relationship is expressed in the deep love and divine friendship of the woman, the happiness and freedom of the child in us when we are so loved, and the blossoming joy of union that affirms our sense of belonging. When an artist is drawn into divine presence and yields her gifts, so that others might share the experience with her, something quite amazing happens. The listener is lifted into the ecstasy to taste the sweetness with the artist. I fall into the beauty of this precious moment when I listen. I invite all who long to experience the rarified air of a mystic like Saranya, who loves and sings with her whole heart, to enter into this divine encounter with her. If you have never heard the sound of the soul, sit down, close your eyes, and listen. Something in our own soul begins to stir and awaken. May we let it be the remembrance and recognition of our own precious moment with the divine presence that waits for us.”

~ Naomi F. Stone