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About the Soul Calls Music Meditations

Gurudeva Paramahansa Yoganandaji, in the book “Cosmic Chants” (publisher, Self-Realization Fellowship, Los Angeles, CA) writes “Sound or vibration is the most powerful force in the universe. Music is a divine art, to be used not only for pleasure but as a path to God-realization. Vibrations resulting from devotional singing lead to attunement with the Cosmic Vibration or the Word. ‘In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God.’ – John 1:1.’’

The Soul Calls are a universal way of Practicing the Divine Presence. By peacefully carrying the consciousness within and turning it Godward, the Soul Calls dissolve cultural, religious, and ideological boundaries.

Providing a soothing avenue for getting in touch with one’s own heart and soul and personal relationship with the Divine Beloved, the Soul Calls reconnect the devotee with that spirituality which transcends clime, time, race, organized religion, and things of the world.

Speaking to every listening heart in the language of the Soul, the Soul Calls Music Meditations™ are a new genre of universal devotional music and a palpable testimony to the brotherhood of man and the supremacy of the Soul.

The Album Journeys

The Soul Calls Collection is first comprised of a trilogy of albums (Soul Calls One, Two, and Three) that chronicles the devotee’s experience from seeking to finding that sweetest of relationships; the Divine Romance.

The collection goes on to include a series of Soul Calls CD’s, each having to do with the devotee’s various inner experiences on the journey to God-realization; Union with the Divine Beloved.

The tracks within an album work together to reflect some aspect of the Homeward journey, taking the listener from one place on the continuum of inner experience to the next; usually from angst to faith, from the perception of the darkness of seeming separation to the comfort of Divine Remembrance.

Each Soul Calls album is also connected on the continuum. The overall progression of the albums reveals the spiritual experience of all sincere devotees, regardless of outer affiliation.

As the devotee gains in realization, moving deeper into the Divine Romance within, and penetrating the heart of Divine Love, the devotee’s journey and its lessons are experienced at ever deepening levels. As the love of the devotee for God grows, so does the perception of the journey and awareness of the omnipresent blessings of the Divine Nearness.

As the valley is seen from a mountain, the higher one climbs, the wider the view of the same valley below, until at last the peak is reached and a complete view in every direction is beheld. Just so on the spiritual journey to enlightenment; all inner perceptions are viewed from an ever expanding consciousness until at last, with the mystics of every race and religion, The Ineffable Fullness is known; Union with the Divine Beloved; a complete melting in all that is True, Good, and Holy.

Nearing Home at last, with heart absorbed in the Divine Beloved, the devotee’s experience encompasses what was so simply, penetratingly, and exquisitely penned in Omar Khayyam’s Rubiayat, verse 32, translated by Paramahansa Yogananda in Wine of the Mystic:

“There was a Door to which I found no Key:
There was a Veil past which I could not see:
Some little talk awhile of ME and THEE
There seem’d – and then no more of THEE and ME.”

The Soul Calls Collection

Quick Overview

Together, Soul Calls One, Two, and Three comprise a trilogy chronicling the start of the devotee’s conscious journey toward Oneness in this incarnation. In Soul Calls One the devotee yearns for meaning and purpose and discovers the spiritual path. Soul Calls Two is about the meditative experience and the devotee’s increasing yearning and spiritual awareness; arriving at last in a place of abiding peace. In Soul Calls Three the devotee’s experience of God has deepened and the Divine Romance has begun.

In Soul Calls Four the devotee understands that the opportunity is always at hand to love God and that each moment is a precious opportunity to turn the consciousness Godward. Soul Calls Five is about the devotee’s inner journey of Divine Communion. Soul Calls Six is about the Dark Night of the soul and assurances of the hidden Divine Presence.

Although there is an inherent progression of the spiritual journey in the Soul Calls albums, any and every Soul Call may be experienced at different times and levels of consciousness as the devotee’s unique karma and awarenesses unfold.

The communion inherent in the Soul Calls is a reciprocal one, in that not only does the devotee call to the Divine, but very often the Divine speaks to the devotee through them.

Soul Calls One

The Soul Calls begin with an invocation to the peace and blessing of Divine Mother as the holy Om vibration in all creation.

“Journey Within” begins with the devotee being weary of the world and crying for God to reveal Himself/Herself. Then comes the guidance to look within; and the devotee comes at last to know that the soul can fly and soar spiritually.

After lifetimes of unfulfilling search for ultimate happiness in the world, the devotee at last begins to recognize that ‘That Something’ for which it longs is God-contact, and begins to search in earnest for a deeper reality, and a closer, more loving relationship with God.

Gurudeva, Paramahansa Yoganandaji, tells us that God can be approached and contacted without form, or in any form that appeals to the devotee, whether that be in the form of one of the Great Ones, or in the aspect of the Father, Mother, Friend, or Divine Beloved. Guruji tells us that the most responsive is the aspect of Divine Mother, for She responds not with regard to the merit of the devotee, but with the unconditional love of a mother for her child.

“Journey Within” calls to many aspects of the Divine, but most soulfully to the Divine Mother; entreating Her to come and lift the devotee out of the grasp of Maya, and safely into Her arms of Love; the soul’s true home.

Finally, the Mother responds and guides the devotee deeper within through silent meditation and contemplation on Her. In this stillness within, the devotee finds the solace and inspiration to make a greater determination to soar spiritually toward the Divine Goal ~ God Union.

Soul Calls Two

“In Thy Light” is about the meditative experience and the devotee’s increasing yearning and spiritual awareness; arriving at last in a place of abiding peace. Having had some meditative experience of Divine Mother, the devotee’s spiritual yearning grows ever stronger.

A new level of determination comes as the Light of God is experienced in deep meditation and culminates in an attunement which brings faith, trust, and a willingness to keep on striving and loving the Divine while surrendering the results and timing of The Coming.

In that surrender there is the awareness that God has become the only Reality; the center of the devotee’s life. From that center of God-attunement comes a great river of peace and love and bliss, flowing within the devotee and accessible with every loving thought of the Divine Beloved.

Soul Calls Three

Soul Calls Three is about the Divine Romance between the soul and God; the Divine Beloved. Through continued meditation comes greater attunement and realization; the interior life is thus developed. The devotee’s perspective has again deepened and the Divine Romance has begun.

Life is viewed from a heart of love for God alone. As the heart’s love is purified and made ever stronger, the devotee lives more and more in the ever-nearness, ever-dearness of the Divine Beloved.

Feeling the Love of God, living in the Love of God, there is freedom, security, and a peace that passes all understanding – in the knowledge that no matter what comes or is taken by life’s inevitable challenges, the embracement of the Divine Beloved is unconditional and eternal; beyond time, thought, and the Mayic dream; all fulfilling.

Consumed in the vibration of Divine Blessings, unspeakable love and gratitude find expression at the feet of the devotee’s own Gurudeva. The Guru “Dispeller of Darkness” has come to pilot the devotee out of the clouds of the mind. “The Guru is great beyond words, and great is the good fortune of the disciple.” says the venerable mystic, Kabir.

Soul Calls Four

“This Precious Moment” is about experiencing ever deeper states of surrender and understanding. Recognizing the unconditional presence of the Constant Companion, each moment becomes a precious opportunity to share that Love Divine.

In ages past, the mystic poets of the Far East sang of their love of God, of their intimate perceptions of the Divine Beloved, and of the angst and the joy of their experience of the spiritual journey and the Divine Romance.

In “This Precious Moment” the devotee expresses the state of being mutually and forever ensconced with the Divine Beloved. There is an awareness that even in times of darkness and delusion, the devotee and the Divine Beloved are never apart.

Playing and dancing together in this cosmic drama, the devotee realizes that loving God is a moment by moment process. Each moment is a precious opportunity to turn the consciousness Godward, to turn the heart Godward, and to radiate that Divine Love to all of creation.

Soul Calls Five

In “That Place” the communion deepens and, knowing the Indwelling Divine One is near, the devotee ardently desires to be absorbed deep within the quiet heart where the Divine Presence is ever waiting, and is felt as the ecstasy of Divine Embrace.

Recognizing that the Divine is hidden within creation and within one’s inmost and highest Self, the devotee entreats the Divine Beloved to assist in the inward journey to the state of ecstatic Divine Embrace.

Affirming the devotee’s determination and the wondrous process of the journey, an undivided surrender reveals a stunning realization….soaring in the Divine Embrace, ecstatic outpouring describes the devotee’s blessed experience of That Place.

Soul Calls Six

Into every sincere devotee’s heart comes, at least once, the experience of “The Dark Night of the Soul.” The stages and nuances of the Dark Night are many and varied, but common to all is the feeling of being spiritually lost, adrift; bereft. The greater the love for God, and the deeper the communion has been, the greater the sense of darkness, loss, and bereavement.

St. John of the Cross said there are two types of the Dark Night of the Soul; the one experienced by the striving devotee, and the secret, deeper, darker night, known only to a few who have traveled far on the way to enlightenment.

Each type of Dark Night has as its purpose the furthering of the devotee’s patience, perseverance, endurance, surrender and unconditional love for God. When all seems lost and only those attributes are capable of manifesting, and in so doing with great absorption, is the devotee propelled onward and upward on its Journey to Oneness.

In “Dark Night” we find the devotee calling to God from the depths of spiritual loneliness and one-pointedness with an urgency that eclipses the worldly view; crying for realization of that great Divine Love it knows is there, but cannot feel.

And then The All Compassionate Divine answers – “Oh, My Little One, hang on to Me; I’m here; rest now and let Me comfort you. Don’t be afraid; your Dawn is coming; soon you will know Me.”

Soul Calls Seven

In “Om Jai Ma” the devotee ardently calls to the Cosmic Mother for help in perceiving Her Divine Nearness. Hearing the plaintiff cry of Her child, the Mother responds with assuring messages of Her constant presence and all-embracing love.

Touched by the Mother’s grace, the devotee-child has an expanded awareness of the spiritual journey. Feeling the undying love and perfection of Divine Mother’s care, the devotee realizes that Oneness is very near and that all is securely and divinely orchestrated.

In greatest obeisance and sweet surrender, the devotee affirms the sure victory of Divine Mother in filling the devotee’s heart with the loving awareness of Her Presence that will surmount any remaining shadows of Maya ignorance:  Om Jai Ma!

Soul Calls Eight

The ways in which one dives deep into a constant, conscious, and loving relationship with God are the steps and supports on the mystic spiritual journey within.

When the devotee’s ardor grows ever deeper and the Divine Romance begins to blossom, the intensity of desire for feeling the Divine Presence quickens and the longing is felt with new and deeper awareness of both the separation the devotee feels, and the near and dearness of the omnipresent loving Lord.

“Soul Calls Eight ~ Oh My Own” brings us into a sweet Knowing that there is no end to the Love of God and there is no end to the devotee’s love for God. Whether consciously in tune or asleep in delusion, Divine Love will always bind Soul and Spirit.

As the devotee’s devotion deepens, so does the Inner Knowing, and the attributes of a dedicated spiritual endeavor become more clear. With this increased awareness, the devotee soulfully prays to the Divine for help in manifesting those attributes. And God lovingly responds to the devotee’s determined angst and unremitting supplication with the admonition to relax and trust in Divine Providence; that the Divine Love is always there, waiting for the devotee to come inside with trust, there to find rest and comfort in the Divine Presence.

Declaring fidelity to Divine Union, the devotee is immersed in feeling the Divine Presence and revels in the experience of the Divine as the only desired state of consciousness.

Blissfully intoxicated with the inner visitation, the devotee realizes there is no end to the Love of God and there is no end to the devotee’s love for God. Whether consciously in tune or asleep in delusion, Divine Love will always bind Soul and Spirit.

Feeling in ever more profound ways the near and dearness of the Divine Beloved, gratitude is deeply expressed in the final three Soul Calls of this album as the devotee is filled with love for God, faith in Divine Providence, and joyous anticipation of Oneness.

Soul Calls Nine

For the saints and aspiring mystics alike, the Guru is the speaking voice of silent God …the dispeller of darkness …the Eternal Friend and Divine Beloved.

Overwhelming, unspeakable gratitude is the blessed state of Grace that permeates the heart, mind, and consciousness of that disciple who knows the sweetness of the guru-disciple relationship.

Experiencing the ever-nearness, ever-dearness of the Satguru, the disciple abides in an ineffable Knowing, and there comes a deep inner peace that transcends, and blesses, the outer world.

Forever ensconced in the constant and uniquely perfect protection, unconditional love, and guidance of the Satguru, the disciple knows the surety and invincibility of God as Love Divine.

The Guru-disciple relationship is a subject vast and deep, and while philosophers and scholars have discussed and debated God’s existence and the need for a spiritual guide for centuries, the testimony of Kabir, (translated by Rabindranath Tagore) echoes unassailably in the grateful heart and living experience of every devotee ensconced in the guru-disciple relationship:

 “It is the mercy of my true Guru that has made me know the unknown; I have learned from him how to walk without feet, to see without eyes, to hear without ears, to drink without mouth, to fly without wings. Without eating, I have tasted of the sweetness of nectar; and without water, I have quenched my thirst. Kabir says: The Guru is great beyond words and great is the good fortune of the disciple.”

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